➢ Not more than two visitors are allowed at a time in production area to ensure minimum bio-burden.

➢ sufficient technical team in proportion to the work load

➢ Highly strengthened Q.A department.

➢ Pharmacovigilance.

➢ Independent Q.C. lab.

➢ M4 policy (minimum men material movement).

➢ Compulsory Health insurance to all.

➢ CGMP training to all.

➢ Sanitation & Hygiene to the highest standard.

➢ zero discharge policy.


➢ Dedicated sections for β-lactums, Non β-lactums, Hormones, Capsules & others.

➢ Strict adherence to SOPs.

➢ unidirectionalflow of operations.

➢ Pressure differential to avoid cross contamination.

➢ Environmental Monitoring using HVAC, dehumidifier etc.

➢ Loop Line Circulation of water processed through R.O ,demineralizers & in line U.V.

➢ 100% Pests & rodent free area.

➢ Status Labelling & color coding of all goods .