Since 1982 we are committed to enriching life globally by providing with quality and affordable pharmaceuticals. We have production capacity of approximately 0.5 million tablets / capsules per shift. Our plant situated in lush green open area with no industry nearby emitting hazardous wastes and air pollutants, also we have adequate space for equipments and movement of personnel etc. We use latest mechanisms like Airlocks, pressure differential etc to avoid contamination. We maintain environmental conditions like temperature, pressure, humidity etc. using HVAC, Dehumidifier etc. Our company has two independent water sources. The water is processed through R.O., Demineralizers & U.V. radiation to meet the specified needs. We also have a special drainage system that prevents back-flow and rodents entry. Also rodent repellent and trap devices are installed in different cells. Company has fly trappers installed at all the required places and records are maintained for its operation. Fumigation is also done from time to time and records are maintained for it. A company premise is a 100% rodent free area, ensured by installation of a number of Ultrasonic rat repellents. We have a clean policy and S.O.P. for maintenance and cleaning of entire premises has been made. Efficient effluent treatment plant to treat every drop of waste water for its re-use has been installed and we are following zero discharge policy. We are private limited firm and presently we export drugs to various countries like Russia & C.I.S. countries, Cameroon, Mauritania, Benin, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar etc. and so many countries under registration. We have drugs manufacturing license number 131-B(H) & 325-OSP(H). We have various certifications like WHO-GMP, HALAL certification and ISO 9001:2015.